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Sports Bike Stage 3 Performance Kit

Stage 3 Victory Motorcycle performance kit
Sports Bike Stage 3 Performance Kit

Ghostriders Motorcycle Performance Centre Melbourne offer the latest stage 3 kit performance upgrade for Sports Bikes - Turbo Chargers.

NOTE: The Sports Bike Stage 1 Performance Kit will be required to get the increased performance value from our superchargers however this cannot be combined with our Sports Bike Stage 2 kit. This upgrade is not suitable for all Sports Bikes - please contact us for more information.

Sports Bike Turbo Chargers

The role of a turbocharger is to harness this stream of wasted energy to produce more horsepower from within the engine. In effect, a turbocharger is driven off the energy generated by the flow of exhaust gas, whereas a supercharger is mechanically driven from the engine by way of belts, chains or gears and therefore uses power from the engine to create even more power. A sports bike turbocharger, however, is basically a turbine driven by the engine's exhaust gases that produces more power without sapping any energy from the engine.

At Ghostriders Motorcycle Performance Centre Melbourne we are trained and experienced in installing sports bike turbocharger systems and inter coolers to give your that rider performance experience like no other. Motorcycle turbochargers are available for most sports bikes on the market today and can be installed onto your sports bike for that total stage 3 performance.

Once your turbo charger is fitted we then run your sports bike on our Dyno Jet to Dyno Tune your total performance package to perfection to ensure your are getting every ounce of extra power your performance upgrade has to offer. Sports Bike Turbo Chargers require the Stage 1 kits to be installed and are not suitable for every sports bike so contact us for more specific information about turbo charger options for your bike.

At Ghostriders Motorcycles Performance Centre Melbourne we can discuss with you the suitable turbo chargers for your Sports Bike as part of your stage 3 kit.

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Sports Bike Stage 3 Performance Customer Satisfaction

We offer full customer satisfaction with our Sports Bike Stage 3 kits, giving you a result that you will be amazed we even provide a dyno performance map of your engine performance when you pick up your bike showing the increased power and performance.
Talk to us today about our Stage 3 Sports Bike Performance Kits, there is no better way to get more from your ride.


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