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Why you need a Motorcycle Dynojet Power Commander

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The Dynojet Power Commander for Motorcycles is not magic; it gives the user the ability to change the fuel (and ignition on some models) at given throttle positions vs. given RPM's.

On a completely stock bike the fuel curve is usually fine at 100% throttle, however at the lower throttle openings the fuel curve is usually lean. Installing a peoperly mapped Dynojet Power Commander on a motorcycle like this would make no improvement at 100% throttle, therefore no peak horsepower gain. However in the lower throttle openings where the fuel curve was lean, the motorcycle will run smoother, cooler and have better throttle response providing a more confident ride. If you did before and after part throttle roll-ons i.e 20% you might see a 30% increase in power.

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The more the modifications change the shape of the air curve the more improvement you will get from the Dynojet Power Commander. Stock bikes can benefit from a Dynojet Power Commander, if the bike has any modifications it needs a Dynojet Power Commander, which is why most motorcycle exhuast manufacturers recommend it.

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If you own a Fuel Injected motorcycle you need a Dynojet Power Commander

If you change the air flow of a carbureted bike for different pipes, air-box, cams, etc you would need to change the jetting. With a fuel injected bike, you must adjust the fuel curve electronically, and that's where the Dynojet Power Commander comes in.

With a Dynoject Power Commander on your motorcycle, it will run smoother, cooler and have better throttle response.


- Improves horsepower
- Throttle response
- Rideablitily
- Reduces running temperatures, pinging and can help prevent pipe bluing
- You can continue to add performance accessories of any type and simply install a new map to tune the motorcycle

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